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The genesis and pursuit of breakthrough innovation with the Drupal ecosystem as a living-lab for R&D management

I'm pleased to announce you my latest working paper The genesis and pursuit of breakthrough innovation with the Drupal ecosystem as a living-lab for R&D management. It is based on my R&D conference paper and contains the Drupalcon interview from Copenhagen. Let me give you the abstract:

Battle plans for the Drupal jungle

It is never easy to communicate about a work in progress. There is always a good excuse to wait a bit longer, so to include the latest news. Still this way I’m never going to post a thing.

Exactly a month ago I was analyzing the Drupalcon sponsoring in the past years to find dedicated Drupal shops. Then I start mailing the companies, most replied fast and were very open to discuss the matter. I’ve gone to Drupalcon with a specific reason: to investigate if open innovation is spontaneous emerging in the Drupal business ecosystem.

While I planed to only interview the Drupal shops, to get a better view on the above research question, we mostly end up discussion my research in more depth. It turns out Drupal is really becoming an open innovation medium, although it was different from my anticipation. I was expecting the companies intentionally manage alliances, but it seems more an emerging issue. It turns out that the IT-support for the open innovation already existed, what a surprise! Another surprise was the diversity, I was expecting to find some patterns, but the diversity is so large it is the pattern!

It is astonishing how big the Drupal project is becoming and I’m not just talking about code. There are all kind of organizations and events happening. The panel discussion can gave a good idea of the diversity of the businesses. From the interviews I’ve also noticed how little redundancy exist, which is even more surprising. Drupal is becoming so big and fit, its not a small ecosystem, it’s a jungle!

Can we bootstrap R&D management and Drupal?

This post is first and for all about my experience on the R&D management conference, but it builds up to a story on Drupal too.

Investigating innovation processes AS-IS, the methodology

After giving several presentations in September, we have begone to visit companies to investigate how innovation is happening there. The idea is to find the AS-IS situation and compare it to some of the literature. I won't be writing about the specific cases, the companies and the people we work with should be able to evaluate that first. I can talk about the methodology.

New-market disruption class?

I was just a bit surfing the web for Clayton M. Christensen new work and listened to a blogcast on his recent book Disrupting Class. In the blogcast he talks about disrupting class by using computers, but argues that it is not yet good enough to compete with universities and should compete with non-consumption. This surprised me, as I'm not competing with non-consumption but with new-market consumption with my WSDB course.

Disruption of nations by globalization

In Friedman's book "The World Is Flat" you find the expression "creative destruction on steroid". Recently I've been hearing this term more frequently, probably not all have read the book, but the expression does seems appeal to many. In a recent debate on service science we got from the economic crisis to that expression. You could understand this as "flattening is a disruptive innovation". It seems to be a disruption of nations, by globalization and the rise of a new order. Let me outline what I mean with that.

Open Innovation as false-negatives

Yesterday I had an interesting talk with Wim Vanhaverbeke who is an expert on open innovation. For example he is a coauthor of Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm. To give some idea of the talk I would like to tell about open-innovation as false-negatives. One of the many thing I've learned yesterday.

First Draft on Enterprise Innovation planning (EIP).

When you stand on a crossroad of two disciplines, how do you make one aware of the potential leverage from the other? It may be easer when one uses the jargon from the discipline you try to reach at, in this case management. The goal is to manage radical change by creating something similar as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Innovation (so EIP). It is the intention to make a project/experiment for the research on novelty during my PhD.

From Networked Business to radical service

Recently I'm getting more into IT management, thanks to the mentoring of the professors at MOSI (E. Torfs and E. Vandijck). During reading in the book "Corporate Information Strategy and Management" I came across the concept and examples of B2B, what stands for "Business to Business". The concept C2C (customers), like ebay was of course known to me. The B2B example was Covisint. Using the web for B2C may be the most strait forward e-commerce example.

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