één jaar ondernemen en nu serial … nee niet zakelijk, ik ben en blijf een wetenschapper

EDIT — De eerste titel was “één jaar ondernemen en nu serial entrepreneur?” Toch het concept “entrepreneur” wordt te sterk gezien als “zakelijk ondernemen”, eigenlijk ben ik vooral wetenschappelijk aan het ondernemen. Mijn zakelijk ondernemen zal ik enkel met RBLS doen, dus begrijp ik dat “serial entrepreneur” erg verkeerd overkomt.. De andere organisaties hebben helemaal […]

Tijd om me in het debat te mengen

Door de naïeve en soms ook foutieve berichtgeving rond digital transformatie met het ING debacle, voel ik de maatschappelijk verplichting om uit mijn wetenschappelijk isolement te komen om kennis over te dragen. Hoewel ik een extravert karakter heb en heel graag in debat ga, ben ik grammaticaal erg zwak en dat is een handicap (kijk […]

The RBLS journey starts

During the summer I was searching for a new work balance. By the end of the summer my days got very structured. One day for Starterslabo. One day for Collin. The other days I continued networking. So I discovered http://rbls.be thanks to www.offerhelp.be, a voluntary project they setup for the refugees problem. On their site […]

crowdsourced startup incubator

During the telenet kickstart BBQ I’ve met with Kenneth Venken, Kristof Luysmans and Arlette Venken. We teamed up to work on a startup around educational reform, based on the outcome of my PhD (see chapter 9). Currently education primarily focuses on knowledge assimilation, which has become redundant as well as ineffective. It has become redundant […]

Phd submitted

After many year the phd is finally submitted (last November) and the defense is planed for February. Let me give the abstract and executive summery. Abstract This PhD thesis is an interdisciplinary investigation of how the creation of novelty can be regulated. Novelty is a general concept describing the evolutionary emergence of things that did […]

Interversity: a concept for a self-organizing, distributed university

Universities are historically seen as places of universal knowledge. Because of information overload and the acceleration of innovation, the concept of universal knowledge is becoming an illusion. Even the largest universities today only have some of knowledge. The Interversity proposes a conceptual change. It draws the attention to “what is between us” (from the Latin […]

One year later

It has been more then a year since my last blog. I’ve not vanished, but have become father, now almost a year ago (11th of April). My last blog was about the educational experiment. I’m now busy with wrapping up my PhD, the submission is planed for this summer. I actually had expected to have […]