crowdsourced startup incubator

During the telenet kickstart BBQ I’ve met with Kenneth Venken, Kristof Luysmans and Arlette Venken. We teamed up to work on a startup around educational reform, based on the outcome of my PhD (see chapter 9).

Currently education primarily focuses on knowledge assimilation, which has become redundant as well as ineffective. It has become redundant thanks to our imminent connection to the Internet, which allows us to retrieve information almost instantly, obsoleting local retention in the human brain. Moreover it is ineffective as more information is created at an ever faster pace: we cannot know all before taking action.

With agile education, a method and a tool will be created allowing us to transform existing courses to a new way of education. Agile education is known for the heavy load it can put on tutors. But in the PhD it is demonstrated that this can be resolved by crowdsourcing the tutoring tasks in a peer learning system.

We intent to continue the developement in an open way i.e. the technology will be open source, because together we can reach more than alone. The business is a SaaS approach where we provide services around the technology, like custom made agile-courses, training-the-trainers and any other service that would emerge around the approach.