Being a self-employed post-doc researcher/entrepreneur

There is a big black hole after your PhD, and in that fast emptiness … are endless opportunities.

Like many long journeys it takes a while before you normalize. It took me a couple of months, in which time I’ve been renovating the house.

Slowly, but with increased speed I find myself talking to more people, going to more meeting, event, job-interviews, planning a consulting practice and teaming up around different startups. So I find myself being a self-employed post-doc researcher/entrepreneur.

Now I’m working on overlapping projects, let me give a chronological overview:

    Collin: Early in the summer my friend Theo Lohman contacted me to continue the development we have been doing during the PhD. This led to meeting some interesting in Rotterdam, like Keep Pieters and his Aquabots project and Leo Remijn and his fab-lab / city-lab
  1. Following on the idea to become self-employed I started working on the plan for my novelty-consulting practice with starterslabo, which I got selected for and starts in September.
  2. The networking around starterslabo got me into contact with Geert Polleunis were we are working out a business around personalized customer stories. We have been meeting regularly the past weeks.
  3. With visting the fab-lab in Rotterdam I start exploring more recent trend and meeting some “makers”, like Jan De Coster and Anthony Liekens. So far this is just an exploration, but I’m much interested in starting a “city-lab” for my own city (Mechelen) and I did talk the mayor about it.
  4. I had a lot of new contact around fascinating projects. Like Caroline Godts around the social innovation factory. Mladen Adamovic around his company numbeo. Wim Wouters of One Agency.
  5. Omar Mohout who has several project running
    And I’ve planned meeting with several more people in the coming days.

Only one aspect is missing to consider myself out of the black hole: creating an actual income.